Berlin-born, Toronto-based #artist and educator Christiane Pflug often drew inspiration from her surroundings. If you look closely, you might notice a lush #spring moment in this otherwise wintry painting “Kitchen Door with Ursula”, 1966. What do you see outside your window? 🌸 (via @artcaninstitute)

Word of the Day: “úht-cearu”––the worries that gather as one lies sleepless before dawn (Old English; lit. “early-morning care”).
A feeling bleakly recognisable across centuries; a word that echoes in our current moment.
Cf Swedish “vargtimmen”/”wolf-time”.
(Pron. “oot-chair-oo”) (via @RobGMacfarlane)

One by one, they follow the trail along the Meguro River, under the cherry trees. The people of Tokyo, finally throwing themselves at keeping away from one another after weeks of half-hearted effort.

And the blossoms? Spread out as they are, they seem to be practicing social distancing in their own way.

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More pizza!
1. Tomato Sauce, Mushroom, Broccoli, and Bocconcini
2. Pesto, Mushroom, Kale, Sun-Dried Tomatoes, and Mozzarella

New meal schedule:
*Second Breakfast
*Snack, Part I
*Lunch Dessert
*Snack II: 2 Fast 2 Salty
*Snack III: Nacho Drift
*Sure, let’s call it “Dinner”
*Episode IV: A New Snack
*Snack V: The Jalapeño Strikes Back
*The Ice Cream Course
*Night cheese

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