Here’s kinda the final product, after having cooked all that good stuff in that spicy, tongue-numbing broth.

For my birthday dinner, I’ve prepared a little hot pot!

It’s time for…KUNG FU! (also, John Cho!) So today’s treadmill show is Cowboy Bebop.

Today’s birthday treadmill movie is… No Time to Die

Word of the day: SESSELPUPSER (German) – literally “armchair-farter”, someone who gives orders from the comfort of their office but doesn’t do any of the work themselves. (via @qikipedia)

A TEXT is literally a ‘weaving’ of words. It derives from ‘texere’, a Latin verb meaning to weave or braid—the same root as words like TEXTURE and TEXTILE. (via @HaggardHawks)

It’s time for…. SIMU LIU!! (also, Kung Fu) Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings 2021