“Drag” in the sense of “drag queen” or “to dress in drag,” might come from the Yiddish trogn, meaning “to wear.” (via @UselessEty)

Best New Made-Up German Words in Benn Schott’s Schottenfreude | The New Republic

There’s something so satisfying about a good German word. As The Awl entertainingly demonstrated with their spot-on “There Oughta Be a German Word For This” column, German words somehow define complex human emotions in a way that English words often can’t or don’t. Must be all those awesome suffixes.Ben Scott (of Schott’s Miscellany fame) has a new book out this week with 120 new German words perf…

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It’s time for… KUNG FU!! …and PENCAK SILAT!! …and MUAY THAI!! Triple Threat

I was feeling nostalgic at the Chinese grocery and had to pick some of this delightfully viscous, black-as-night sweet sesame soup called Gee Mah Woo (芝麻糊). When I was little and my family would go out for food, I would plead loudly for it, much to my parents’ horror if we had western visitors. To be fair, it looks very much like a tar pit. 😀

Miso and Mushroom Soup with Tofu and Kimchi and dressed with Green Onions, Crushed Sesame Seeds, and Chilli Sesame Oil. I made the stock this morning with dried anchovies and kombu.