#Pride is rooted in the Stonewall riots that began on June 28, 1969.

This marked the beginning of a six-day series of events between police and #LGBTQ2 protesters.

It led to a turning point in the #LGBTQ2 rights movement that sparked the first #Pride parade in 1970.

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Last night, I was asked to go out to Church Street to hang out pre-Pride and I realized that I hadn’t thought about being ready to be out in a crowd. Short answer, I’m not.

I had my last booster and COVID-19 itself over six months ago. I was super-immune for a while there but we don’t know how long that lasts. I also have several of the (charmingly named) co-morbidities.

I hope you have fun. I hope you keep yourself safe. Maybe I’ll see you next year! Happy Pride! 💖

This week’s treadmill show is… The Umbrella Academy

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