When we’re not out walking, #theyoungmaster enjoys reclining and watching some DoggyTV.

🍯🍎 Shanah Tovah! For Rosh Hashanah: Manitoba-born, British Columbia based sculptor Gathie Falk (b.1928) venerates the ordinary and celebrates the sweetness of the humble fruit, a symbol of the Jewish New Year, in “196 Apples”, 1969-70. #RoshHashana (via @artcaninstitute)

Ottley, do you think the *best* place to lie down is under the treadmill? #theyoungmaster

Bamboo Wharf at Kyobashi (1857, Utagawa Hiroshige)

Observing the full moon from Kyobashi, even the boatman seems transfixed.

From the @ROMtoronto Japanese Art Collection (via @CGjapanTO)

Edo meisho minato, Sanko (1900-1926, Reproduction of Hiroshige)

A lady in a kimono watches the full moon from one of Edo’s scenic spots.

From the @ROMtoronto Japanese Art Collection (via @CGjapanTO)