What better place to go through my museum photos than this sweet little Persian cafe? This is the Pear and Almond cake and some of their signature ginger tea.

Timothy Eaton establishes T. Eaton Co. Limited #OTD Dec 8, 1869 in Toronto. Painting of original store on Yonge St. Photo: William James. (via @TorontoArchives)

Word of the day: “syzygy” – in astronomy, the alignment of three or more celestial bodies in a gravitational system; e.g. at a new moon, as today, when sun, moon & Earth align.
Greek σύζυγος, ‘yoked-together’. Figuratively, a happy convergence/harmonious disposition of entities. (via @RobGMacfarlane)

As another name for parentheses, BRACKETS take their name from architectural brackets, which they’re supposed to resemble. Architectural brackets in turn take their name from ‘braguette’—the French word for a protruding armoured codpiece—which they were once supposed to resemble. (via @HaggardHawks)