Word of the (heatwave) day: “swelter” – to be oppressed by heat; to sweat profusely, languish, or faint from excessive heat. From the Old English “sweltan”, meaning to die, to perish, to burn away. (via @RobGMacfarlane)

RABATMENT is an artistic technique in which an object is emphasized by being placed not in the centre of the composition, but at the point where a rectangular canvas could be cut to form a square—like the three tall trees in Monet’s ‘Champ de Coquelicots’ (1886). (via @HaggardHawks) #TIL

“Josephine Baker (III) by American sculptor and mobile innovator Alexander Calder, who was born on this date in 1898. @Moma (via @ArtsyGirl62)