Word of the Day: JIMFOOZLE (v.) to fool, to utterly confuse (via @HaggardHawks)

In 1816, the United States built a fort to protect itself from invasion by Canada. There was only one small problem: due to a surveying error, it was built in Canada. It was later known as “Fort Blunder”. (via @qikipedia)

kludgy, adj. – Made or designed in an awkward, makeshift, or haphazard manner; inelegant; not user-friendly (via @OED)

#theyoungmaster had absolutely no reaction to the rather booming thunder and hail we just had. Steve the Sheep looked a bit nervous. ⚡️💥

Mary Delany was born #otd in 1700.
Her stunning works are often mistaken for watercolours, but they are in fact delicate collages – each flower could be made of up to 200 tiny paper petals 🌸🌺 (via @britishmuseum)

bon chretien de vernois pears, painted by royal charles steadman, 1918 (via @pomological) #oldfruitpictures