Today’s treadmill movie is… Army of the Dead

G is for Gallus, or Galli (pl)

The Galli were priests of the ancient mother goddess Cybele. We have found altars dedicated to Cybele in Roman towns like Corbridge, which suggests there were Galli present here in Britain.

Galli wore women’s clothing and jewelry and lived as women. When ancient writers and poets wrote about the galli, we see examples of them switching between masculine and feminine pronouns.

The grave of a Gallus was found in Catterick, near York, and their grave was full of elaborate jet jewelry. Jet was thought of as a magical protecting material and was closely associated with protecting women.

The Galli can be seen as an early example of trans people being visible in history, a powerful reminder that LGBTQ people have always been a part of history.

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Hot Summer Moonlight 
Tom Thomson 
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As someone on Twitter said – I’ll be wearing a mask, staying away from crowds, washing my hands, using sanitiser, opting for ventilated spaces for a while yet. It doesn’t harm me to do this and might help someone else. I realise that not everyone has these options. But if we can, we should, eh?

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It doesn’t stop being magic just because you know how it works. – Terry Pratchett

Pooh had made up a little hum that morning, as he was doing his Stoutness Exercises in front of the glass: TRA-LA-LA, TRA-LA-LA, as he stretched up as high as he could go, and then TRA-LA-LA, TRA-LA – OH HELP! – LA, as he tried to reach his toes. – A.A.Milne

Today’s treadmill movie is… Summer of Soul (…or, When the Revolution Could Not Be Televised)

Today’s treadmill movie is… The Tomorrow War