Trailblazing artist Mary Delany was born #otd in 1700. She is best known for her exquisite flower collages, crafted from tiny pieces of paper, which are both beautiful and botanically accurate. Delany didn’t start making her ‘mosaicks’ until she was 72, but made nearly 1,000 works in just over a decade. (via @britishmuseum)

The first use of the portmanteau ‘hangry’ – a bad mood brought on by hunger – was in 1918. (via @qikipedia)

Some tulips to brighten up the new place! #formefromme

Pizzas in my new kitchen!
1. Pesto, Capocollo, Broccoli, Romano, Pine Nuts
2. Lamb and Tomato Sauce, Mushrooms, Broccollini, Mozzarella

Word of the day: GIZZENT (early 20th century Scots) – bored from doing too much of the same thing (Image: Maia C., via @qikipedia)

Date and Nut Energy Bites rolled in Coconut, Matcha, and Cocoa

Katsushika Hokusai (1760–1849), Tiger in the snow. Hanging scroll, ink and colour on silk, 1849. Private collection, USA. ‘…until the age of 70, nothing I drew was worthy of notice. At 73 years I was somewhat able to fathom the growth of plants and trees, and the structure of birds, animals, insects and fish. Thus when I reach 80 years, I hope to have made increasing progress, and at 90 to see further into the underlying principles of things, so that at 100 years I will have achieved a divine state in my art, and at 110, every dot and every stroke will be as though alive. Those of you who live long enough, bear witness that these words of mine are not false.’ [translation by Henry D Smith II]