It’s not easy being green. – Kermit the Frog

Lightly come or lightly go:
Though thy heart presage thee woe,
Vales and many a wasted sun,
Oread let thy laughter run,
Till the irreverent mountain air
Ripple all thy flying hair.

Lightly, lightly — ever so:
Clouds that wrap the vales below
At the hour of evenstar
Lowliest attendants are;
Love and laughter song-confessed
When the heart is heaviest.

– James Joyce, XXV, Chamber Music #bloomsday

I wasn’t in the door two minutes before Blue indicated that he was DESPERATE for wet food. I gave it to him and now he has no more use for me. #manservant #catsitting

Happy birthday to Sarah Robertson: pioneering female modernist & founding member of the Canadian Group of Painters. (via @agotoronto)

This 1899 photo from the @TorontoArchives shows a historical plaque donated to @fortyork by the York Pioneers (via @YorkPioneers)

A KILL-COURTESY is a boorish, ill-mannered person. (via @HaggardHawks)