Even a junk can sparkle in Hong Kong: British Colony for a century and a half, crossroads of the orient forever, it seems • #HongKong #香港 #China #中国 (via @sasapetricic)

“Feet, what do I need you for when I have wings to fly?” #FridaKahlo was born #OTD in 1907. (via @agotoronto)

Go get a cool summer treat! Bingham’s chocolates and ice cream, 146 Yonge, ca. 1917 (via @TorontoArchives)

CACOSPECTOMANIA – an overwhelming desire to stare at utterly revolting things. (via @qikipedia)

Apparently it’s 24°, feels like 30°, already so I won’t be cycling to work. #asthmatic

SLOOPSY is an old Scots dialect word describing anything peculiar or untidy looking. (via @HaggardHawks)