TJUVSMAKA (Swedish): to taste or eat small pieces of food when you think nobody is looking. (via @qikipedia)

Kate Bush fans around the world get their “Wuthering Heights” on

This is totally crazy… and amazing. #katebush Forty years ago, British teenager Kate Bush was watching a BBC rerun of a 1967 miniseries based on Emily Brontë’s novel Wuthering Heights. That program must have captured her attention, because she did some research into it and found that she and Brontë shared a birthday, July 30. Taking that as an

Kate Bush fans around the world get their “Wuthering Heights” on

Every English elm is descended from a single tree that lived 2,000 years ago and was imported to Britain by the Romans. (via @qikipedia) #treefact

As a nickname for a dog, the word MUTT is a shortened form of ‘muttonhead’. It originally referred to a slow or poor-quality racehorse. (via @HaggardHawks)