Saturday is Caturday 🐈 as painted by the great Maritime artist #AlexColville, with his “Cat on Fence” (1956) (via @artcaninstitute)

“It’s the ordinary things that seem important to me” – #AlexColville, born #otd in 1920. (via @artcaninstitute)

“I don’t use photographs because photographs don’t give me the kind of information I need.” – #AlexColville (via @artcaninstitute)

“I don’t think there’s such a thing as an evil animal,” said painter #AlexColville, who we’re thinking of on #WorldWildlifeDay. (via @artcaninstitute)

Happy #NationalHuggingDay from #AlexColville, who kept close relationships with his dogs and viewed all animals as essentially innocent. (via @artcaninstitute)