A.J. Casson was born #otd in 1898. He was a key member of the #GroupofSeven. He joined the group in 1926 at the invitation of Franklin Carmichael. (via @mcacgallery)

This is one of the most elaborate and detailed drawings by Italian Renaissance master Sandro Botticelli – a representation of autumn carries an abundance of flowers and fruits. The artist died #otd in 1510 (via @britishmuseum)

Polish painter Tamara de Lempicka, known for her stylish Art Deco portraits, was born #otd in 1898. This is “Self-Portrait in a Green Bugatti.” (via @ArtsyGirl62)

French painter and sculptor Georges Braque – one of the founding fathers of Cubism – was born #otd in 1882. This is “Piano and Mandola.” @Guggenheim (via @ArtsyGirl62)

In honour of #JEHMacdonald’s birthday (born #otd, 145 years ago 🎂), here’s his masterpiece “Lodge Lake Interior” (c. 1925)—proof that even the co-founder of the Group of Seven painted more than just landscapes! (via @artcaninstitute)

Hokusai died #otd in 1849. His masterpiece ‘Under the Wave off Kanagawa’ from 1831 is better known as ‘The Great Wave’ 🌊 (via @britishmuseum)

American painter Ralph Goings, who was connected with the Photorealism movement, was born #otd in 1928. This is “Chocolate on Top.” (via @ArtsyGirl62)