Site of Ontario’s Legislature, #QueenPark was opened as a #Toronto public park #OTD 1860 by Edward Prince of Wales (via @ONPARLeducation)

Postcard: “#Toronto Harbor Commission Building on water before shore extended.” -1920s #TOHistory (via @AemiliusJarvis)

“Crossing #Toronto Bay on the ice, foot of York St.” – Pic appeared in Toronto World on Sun., Feb. 19, 1911 w/ caption “Traffic on the Bay.” (via @AemiliusJarvis)

Mail & Empire (newspaper) bldg., aka the Mall Bldg., NW corner of Bay & King St., #Toronto (1913). Mail & Empire later merged w/ the Globe. (via @AemiliusJarvis)

#OTD, 1922 Sunnyside Amusement Park opened – a popular #Toronto spot > 30 yrs. Pic: July 1 1924 via (via @Swansea_History and @TorontoArchives)