Seasonal Vegetables and Fruits by Yu Fei’an (Chinese, 1889-1959) 🥦🍑🌶🥒🍎🥬 According to Sotheby’s the artist inscribed words that translate as: “I painted Seasonal Vegetables and Fruits based on my observations at the greenhouse, but it is not entirely satisfactory. In the new year, I brought my young daughter to the grocery market. The only greenhouse produce available was pointed gourd, Qin pepper,snow peas, tomatoes, but they were not exactly fresh. Aubergines, peas and berries, which were usually found, were not available. This proves that demand is greater than supply, and there is a need for production to increase significantly. This painting was based on a draft I had on the greenhouse, completed using the outlining technique, although I am still not completely satisfied.” 🥕🍊🍋🍐🫑🍅 (via @historyeats)


Word fact of the day: ‘wend’ was once a regular alternative to the verb ‘go’. It is fossilised in the phrase ‘wend our way’. ‘Go’ eventually took over, but we still use the past tense of ‘wend’ – ‘went’ – rather than ‘goed’. (via @susie_dent)