The Roman name for broccoli was “the five green fingers of Jupiter”. (via @qikipedia)

25 years ago today, thanks to LGBTQ2+ activist Jim Egan, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that section 15 of the #Charter included #Discrimination based on #SexualOrientation as prohibited.

HAP is an old word for luck or chance—so if something HAPPENS, then it literally takes place by chance. If someone is HAPPY, then it’s as if they’ve literally been favoured with good luck. And if something is HAPHAZARD, then it’s literally open to random risk or chance. (via @HaggardHawks)

The word lucifugal [loose-if-few-gul] means ‘fleeing the light’, e.g. peeking out from the duvet and promptly diving back under. (via @susie_dent)