In the #Roman world, it was believed by some that an elephant would not (willingly) board a ship unless their keeper promised that they would return home one day 🐘 #WorldElephantDay2022 📸: @carolemadge (via @DrJEBall)

Happy #WorldElephantDay2022! 🐘

📸 Detail of an elephant, from the 6th-century mosaic floor of Constantinople’s Great Palace at Istanbul. (via @carolemadge)

They came to an enchanted place on the top of the Forest. Being enchanted, it’s floor was not like the floor of the Forest, but close-set grass, quiet, smooth and green. It was the only place where you could sit down carelessly, without getting up again almost at once.

– A.A.Milne

Word of the day: SHEMOMECHAMA (შემომეჭამა; Georgian) – when you did not mean to eat it all, but accidentally did (via @qikipedia)

Another glorious, if steaming hot, morning at the beach #theyoungmaster #thepopcicle #daisydaisygivemeyouranswerdo