A circular door knocker is called a RINGLE. (via @HaggardHawks)

When drinking tea
just drink tea
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True Lover’s Leap, Newfoundland
Franklin Arbuckle , c. 1949
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I’ve finally put up the laneway flower series. These are just a selection of photos that I took while walking through the Leslieville laneways with #theyoungmaster.

Only in math can you buy sixty cantaloupes and no one asks what the hell is wrong with you. – Charles M. Schulz

All the little wood was still, 
As if it waited so, until 
Some blackbird on an outpost yew, 
Watching the slow procession through, 
Lifted his yellow beak at last 
To whistle that the line had passed… 
Then all the wood began to sing 
Its morning anthem to the spring.

– A.A.Milne

The Librarian
🎨 Giuseppe Arcimboldo (1527-1593)
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It’s time for… a mystical, musical, Kung Fu spy comedy! 36 Husbands

“Look, Pooh!” said Piglet suddenly. “There’s something in one of the Pine Trees.” 

”It’s a Jagular,” said Pooh. 

”What do Jaguars do?” asked Piglet, hoping that they wouldn’t. 

”They hide in the branches of trees, and drop on you as you go underneath.” 

 – A.A.Milne