For #RemembranceDay: a flood of red poppies in the trenches on the Somme painted by Canadian #MaryRiterHamilton, one of the few women who went overseas to depict the aftermath of the #FirstWorldWar. #LestWeForget (via @artcaninstitute)

Introduced in 1992, the EXCLAMATION COMMA and the QUESTION COMMA were meant as alternatives to ordinary exclamation and question marks that could be used midway through a sentence, without the need to end it. (via @HaggardHawks)

Mental Note: When your gym closes, don’t take a whole month to find a new gym because when you go back, it will hurt. A lot.

The German word SCHEIßFREUNDLICHKEIT is used to describe fake affection or joviality—such as that exhibited by an overzealous salesperson—or the behaviour of someone who is polite and good-humoured to your face, but in reality dislikes you. It literally means “shit-friendliness”. (via @HaggardHawks)