A rainy Saturday is a day for movies, right?

ARE BEES FAIRIES? A belief exists that #bees are fairies, who are in turn souls, connecting fairyland & the land of the dead (Lady Wilde 1887). Wirt Sikes also speaks of ‘swarms of bees, which are supposed to be fairies in disguise’ (1880) Rackham #WorldBeeDay (via @DrSamGeorge1@twitter)

Can you bee-lieve this brilliant bug is over 3500 years old? 🐝 It was made by the Minoans, who inhabited the island of Crete from around 3000 BC. They used the bee to symbolise power and prosperity, making it a frequent motif in their art and jewellery Happy #WorldBeeDay (via @britishmuseum@twitter)

…and then dinner with the delicious Doris at the Queen Mum!