“Pajamas” was adapted from pai jamahs, a type of loose trousers worn by Muslims in India in the 1800s. The phrase is originally from the Persian paejamah, or “leg clothing.” In the 1600s, Indian-style lounge pants were also known as “mogul’s breeches.” (via @UselessEty)

Clinomania is the overwhelming urge to lie down. Goes well with ‘snerdling’ – curling up under a blanket. (via @susie_dent)

The Icelandic word GLUGGAVEÐUR means ‘weather that looks appealing from inside, but would be unpleasant to be outside in’. It literally means ‘window-weather’. (via @HaggardHawks)

An angry lake and a wind that throws ice pellets at your face… but the #theyoungmaster had fun! @ Cherry Beach

For the first of #December, here is a charming Flemish print depicting a wintry landscape with the zodiac sign Capricorn overhead. (via @britishmuseum)